The Metaverse is an "integrated network of 3D virtual worlds". These worlds are accessed through virtual reality headsets. Users could navigate the metaverse using voice commands, eye movements and feedback controllers. The headset immerses the user and smulates the so-called sense of presence created by generang the physical sensaon of being there


Metaverse generally has its own economy and cryptocurrencies, leng users to buy, sell and trade characters, digital real estate, items, avatars and its accessories. As per reports the global Metaverse Market size is esmated to reach USD 426.9 billion by 2027 at 47.2% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).


This plaorm would allow users to present the best version of themselves, like one could customize his avatar with wide variety of ouits and accessories. This plaorm would allow users excing ways to collaborate, explore new worlds and share creave works. Users could create their own avatar which represents oneself in a virtual space, further manipulate it with hardware tools such as VR tools, and producvely live in that space to explore variety of art forms as actor, director, singer etc.